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About Us

A little more about us..

Medici Scientific Ltd are leading the pack when it comes to product and brand development within the research/health and fitness sectors. We offer a unique, boutique service, working with a handful of clients at a time to ensure we provide a supremely high level of service and quality.

Formed in 2017, Medici Scientific focuses on 3 main areas:

  • We work with new start up brands in the research/health and fitness sectors, to aid in product design, development and manufacture. We help with everything from logo design, website builds, social media & marketing, to product design, development, ingredient sourcing, manufacturing and shipping. With our vast, extensive experience within the sector, we take pride in providing expert solutions to even the most complex of problems.
  • We work for other brands on a private/white label basis but only on a very small scale to enable them to build business without committing to huge order minimums. This means we source and manufacture products for new and existing businesses, taking away all the hassle to allow business owners to focus on running their business while being assured that their product is already on point. We are able to produce low volume product counts – capsules, syrups and tablets, on an R&D basis, which allows for the product to be sent for testing, verification and if Quality Control is in check, launch. Contact us for a quote – we are UK based and are happy to work with International Clients, providing there are no legal or H&S concerns. We also carry out testing for raw/active ingredient purity, dosage and content. If this is something you require, please get in touch with us.
  • We source/manufacture and sell our own range of sports supplements and research peptides/chemicals – we work with our clients and if we feel a particular product is bound to be a good seller, we will often, with our clients consent, purchase a bulk volume of product to sell through our own established sales channels. This helps the client a) with instant cashflow and b) with greater exposure.

So whatever your requirements are – from a pipe dream to someone with a highly detailed business plan or an already established business – we can help.

Medici Scientific Ltd was founded in 2017 by Wade Ackley BA Hons. MSc – a former professional footballer who’s career was cut short due to injury, he later went on to become a competitive bodybuilder and business owner, completing his Masters Degree in Bio-Chemistry having previously gained a 1st class degree with honours in Business Management. Having started and built several supplement and nutrition businesses, he now spends his time helping other businesses and individuals and has recruited a small select team who provide the very best service in their chosen areas.

We specifically and deliberately choose who we work with – if we feel we cannot truly add value or help you properly, we will not and do not just take on business for the sake of it. We believe in providing our clients with the ultimate in quality and we do this by working very closely with them to understand their needs and requirements, while keeping an eye on the bigger business picture.

To date we have helped many individuals start up and launch – and we love seeing the progress they make as they expand and grow – it is one of the main reasons Medici Scientific Ltd was born.

Should you require any help, information or advice please email us anytime at: info@medici-scientific.com

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