But I can’t afford it!…..

But I can’t afford it!…..

What goes through nearly all of new start-up clients minds is affordability – can I afford to start up, can I put in the time around my current commitments? What if I fail? What if I lose all my cash?

It’s true – all these things need to be considered. However, you need to ask yourself the question – do you want to be stuck in the rat race for all of your life? Doing the commute, the 9-5, limited time with your children and loved ones, working for one weekend to the next?

Well I definitely don’t!

That is one of the main reasons I set up Medici Scientific Ltd. We offer a bespoke package to clients who are brand new to the health supplement sector. For a set fee, we will:

  • Help come up with a company/business/product name
  • Design your logo
  • Design your business stationery
  • Design your website – from scratch (you will need to pay hosting fees and purchase chosen domain name – roughly a £70-90 all in expense for a year)
  • Set up your social media channels and ensure you have at least 500 instagram followers to get things going!
  • Set up sales channels on eBay and Amazon
  • Design your products – labels, compliance, packaging design
  • Physically make initial 20 units per product – delivered to you made, labeled and sealed, ready to sell.

The above is a whole lot of work, but something we LOVE to do. For a price, please email us today – info@medici-scientific.com – we would publish prices but it just leads to our competitors dropping theirs by £5 and stating they are the cheapest, when we know for a fact we offer the best value and service around!

We work with a set number of limited clients so if you are interested, please get in touch, we will carry out a consultation with you and provide you with details of how quickly we can add you into our active client base.

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