Feeling that good vibe – that High Vibe!…

Feeling that good vibe – that High Vibe!…

It has been a while since our last update to this blog, which is a good sign for most in business as we have been busy as!

Our latest project was working with an experienced Personal Trainer – he is a competitive Bodybuilder, and works as a PT both online and offline. He had been getting work via Social Media as he has become well known for his body transformation images. Work is increasing and he did not have a professional website. As we head into 2019 – branding, in every sense, is crucial. Branding and content creation are becoming more of a backbone for the majority of businesses, so a professional image was needed.

Ayub Ace – the name of the PT himself – already had a pretty unique name picked out. High Vibes Fitness. Instantly it makes you feel good saying it out loud. He had a sort of vision for his logo – he sent over a few designs he liked and so we set to work.

The mission – to build a website that is superior to his competitors – that has a distinct edge of professionalism, that displays what he does and identified why he is different.

The site needed to pop on that high vibes level – it needed to be memorable, and needed space for a blog, as well as the usual website pages like services and About us etc. He also required a shopping cart to sell his training packages, a payment processor and a gallery display. Finally, he has just recently asked us to install a private forum, which we are working on as I write this.

So lets start with the logo. We took his requirements and produced this beauty:

The logo went down well – using jpg, psd, and png formats we had it made so our client could use and adapt it whenever he wanted. We also had a white variation made for when the site scrolled past darker pages.

We then figured the best format to use would be WordPress due its ability to be easily customisable. We then instructed our client to purchase hosting (the first thing we did was tell him to buy the domain for his chosen name asap!) and an SSL certificate for customer transactions. All in, including the SSL it was circa £150. Thank you GoDaddy you legends!

We then worked with our main designer Jason, to produce a striking banner for the landing page of his home site. We had the colour scheme worked out. As Ayub is a personal trainer and someone who lives and breathes the lifestyle, he had the physique to back up his knowledge and had won several Bodybuilding shows. He sent us a great snap of him after winning a show, trophy in hand.


It hit the spot – it shows instantly who he is, what he does, his logo – all in one visually pleasing image.

We then installed WooCommerce as the shopping cart of choice and used PayPal as his payment provider, as this was the method he already used. By way of additional security, the client is taken to Paypal to complete the payment, so by having the SSL and then being transferred to PayPal who have their own security in place, it provided an additional layer of security.

I had known Ayub for some time, so when it came down to writing about why he was different to the 1001 other online PT’s out there, it was very simple for me to write content.

I wont bore you with the complete spiel about all that we did, but the end result? Well check out highvibesfitness.co.uk and check it out for yourself! And if you need a training or diet plan, contact Ayub and tell him Wade sent you – he may even give you a little discount?! Ayub when you read this – see I have said maybe and not definitely! But I reckon he will 😉

Right now we are working on a private member forum for him – he has the base now – a strong brand, a great site, he has the experience and has tons of visual proof to display. He can now and should capitalise on this through the up-sale of things like protein powders, customised apparel etc. The brand has been born, and we have handed the site back to Ayub so now it’s down to him to grow the brand and develop it further if that is the direction he wishes to go.

Either way, knowing Ayub one way or another, he will continue to be a successful PT and businessman, and genuinely – he is a great bloke all round. You can tell as soon you meet him – you get that instant high vibe feeling 😀

Happy New Year 2019! If we can help YOU develop your idea – whether you’re a new start up, a solo entrepreneur, someone working FT with a side dream, we can help. From discussion to concept to creation, we can do it all and provide a unique, bespoke service that is not to be found elsewhere! Email us today at info@medici-scientific.com with your requirements and we will respond in less than 24 hours (M-Fr)


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