Logo Design – simple, effective and more affordable than you think

Logo Design – simple, effective and more affordable than you think

Sorry we haven’t had chance to update the blog a whole lot, we have been BUSY! and that is never a bad thing. However I wanted to emphasis that we take on work no matter how big or small your project may be.

An example being a recent enquiry from a customer who is setting up a business that is not sports/nutrition related, but he is a UK based business man that wanted to set up a service providing help and advice to those in South East Asia – specifically China, Singapore, Taiwan and India, all of which are HUGE markets and ever growing.

Our client knew the importance of strong branding – but also cultural appropriation. For centuries, within South East Asia certain colours have meant certain things – a colour psychology if you will.

Aside from the fact he wanted a strong looking logo (that is the brief we got, and the company name – which we also managed to convince him to abbreviate due to the length of the name of the business) we came up with a logo our client was delighted with first time, as well as an icon.

When we invoiced our client, he was sure there was a mistake, a missing 0 to the figure. We charge fairly for the work we put in – as I (Wade) deal regularly with Chinese markets when ordering packaging samples etc, I was well aware of the culture already, so it was not a time consuming job, and we would not look to bill anymore than what is fair – even though our clients budget was 3 x what we billed.

Without further ado, here is what we came up with:

and the icon:


We felt we kept the logo in line with staying on the corporate side of our customer requirements – while using orange, a colour considered warm, lucky, and one of the most relaxing on the eye (in addition to green)

What turned out to be a logo design has now turned into a full scale project we have now taken on whereby we are designing essential marketing tools for our client.

Just because we may not be Fiverr, Freelancer etc – does not mean we cannot produce quality work, at reasonable prices. So don’t be shy – drop us an email anytime at info@medici-scientific.com

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