Peptide Design – wait what’s a peptide?!

Peptide Design – wait what’s a peptide?!

Back in December 2017, we were tasked with developing a new brand of peptide. A peptide is essentially a bunch of amino acids put together in a particular sequence, and our client worked with a lab in Germany which produced these compounds to be sold as research material.

We were asked to come up with a company name, design the logo, the product labels and the website. The site can be viewed at

We chose the name Peptex as it incorporates what the business sells – i.e peptides and we included ‘tex’ at the end to reflect the word technology, but wanted it to sound ‘snappier’ than the ‘tech’ So Peptex Laboratories was born!

Our client was extremely happy with what we delivered and we are pleased to see that Peptex Labs are now the UK’s premium peptide suppliers!

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