Our Services

Our Services


Web Design

We have an on-site expert web designer who is very experienced with all aspects of web design – from re-designs, to installing and customising new e-commerce and WordPress sites, we can provide beautiful, bespoke products guaranteed to get you noticed!


Start-Up Branding

We help new and existing businesses by creating unique, memorable branding. We cover everything you could need, and we do so with value, quality and integrity in mind. From logo design, to stationary and adverts, we have got you covered.


Product Creation

We help businesses research and design new health, fitness and nootropic products. From raw ingredient sourcing, to packaging design and physical mock ups – we work with you to create only the most compelling products around.


Product Manufacturing

From concept design to the finished product, we have extensive experience with product manufacturing and we are masters of resourcefulness! We help design, source, package and produce your initial products. We can cater to small-mid-sized volumes to help you launch without the huge expense or commitment of bulk buying.


Online Outlet Store Set-Up

Amazon and eBay are the main sales channels for many nutritional supplements. We have expert experience in selling through these channels and we can work with you to get started and get selling fast! By optimising your product ads, we guarantee to get sales moving, fast!


Social Media Start-Up

Not too familiar with Social Media? Don’t worry, we will get you started by creating your business pages on the right channels for your business. We have experience working with businesses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. We help with set up and provide all the advice and guidance you need to get going.


We offer a range of services to our clients and recently we spent some time analysing how we spend our time – below is the break down:


As you can see, we spend an extraordinary amount of time marketing for our clients. After all, what good is a high quality, beautiful product, if it is not marketed through the right channels and to the right people?

We help new and existing businesses make more money. A ton more. It is that simple. We bring ideas, innovation and produce real, tangible results, highlighted by your bottom line.

We aim to add substantial value to any and all clients we work with.

Whether you are a full time employee who wants to start a side business, or if you are ready to jump in feet first and create something that will impact the world – we work with every type of client, regardless of size/status and background. We have helped people in full time jobs start a side business, which grew into a larger business to the point they left their jobs and started working for themselves, on their own terms, full time. We have helped existing businesses who were flagging in the market, revamp, rebrand and promote their products to the point where we have worked out the average client who works with us increases their revenues by over 300%.

We are extremely resourceful, which is why we are significantly cheaper than other companies out there and I truly believe we offer a service level which is absolutely unrivalled. We work with a limited number of clients to ensure we provide an extremely high level of service. We could take on a ton of clients and make more money but what would be the point in that? No amount of money is worth sacrificing the strong reputation we have built to date!

We provide free consultations and quotes, so feel entirely free to email us at: info@medici-scientific.com

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